Route description:

Launch at Palms Fish Camp and head north up Clapboard Creek.  At the fourth branch in the river, turn around and row south back to Palms Fish Camp. This route takes the average paddler approximately three or four hours round-trip.

GPS Coordinates/Address:

Palms Fish Camp
30º 24´ 21´´ -81º 30´ 19´´
6359 Heckscher Drive, Jacksonville, Florida 32226

Turn-around point:
30º 25´ 46´´ -81º 29´ 48´´



Points of Interest:

This trail launches at Palms Fish Camp, which is two acres and has a boat ramp, floating dock and kayak/canoe launch. From the shoreline, visitors have a nice view of the marsh lands and some possible manatee sightings.  Note, this is a marshy area, so stay in your kayak during breaks.