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2029 North Third Street
Jacksonville Beach, Florida
(904) 247-1972

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The City of Jacksonville is blessed with the largest municipal park system in the United States. Few are aware of this fact, and even fewer take advantage of it.

The Timucuan Preserve, Sisters Creek, Helen Cooper Floyd Park, Simpson’s Creek, Big Talbot Island, Little Talbot Island, and Betz Tiger Point are just a few of the jewels of Jacksonville, and all are patiently waiting for you, your kayak, your canoe, your paddle.

The twists and turns of our waters can lead you past manatees, gopher tortoises, red fish, royal terns, bald eagles, and roseate spoonbills. The canopied creeks, island hammocks, and cypress swamps can release you from the speed and noise of the city. And the time on the water can take you back to your thoughts, your memories, yourself.

The waters of Jacksonville, you live here, you’re home ....

- Andrew Miller 

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