Route description:

Launch at either Alimacani Boat Ramp or from the shoreline in the middle of Huguenot Park. From the Alimacani Boat Ramp, head south towards the mouth of the inlet.  Then, turnaround and row north back to Alimacani. From Alimacani Boat Ramp straight to the inlet mouth takes the average paddler about two hours. Alternatively, drive into Huguenot Park, where there are multiple launch points.

Launching at the Alternate Launchpoint/Endpoint suggested below, which is roughly in the middle of Huguenot Park, will provide beginners with an easy, meandering, route with no specific turnaround point.

GPS Coordinates/Address:

Alimacani Boat Ramp at Huguenot Park
30º 25´ 17.2´´ -81º 25´ 22.6´´
11080 Heckscher Drive, Jacksonville, Florida 32226

Mouth of Fort George Inlet:
30º 25´ 42.6´´ -81º 24´ 19.7´´

Alternate Launchpoint/Endpoint:
Inside Huguenot Park
30º 24´ 25´´ -81º 24´ 32´´


The current is strong near the Alimacani Boat Ramp, where the bridge crosses the river, and in the northern part of the Fort George Inlet. Stick to the southern part of the inlet to avoid stronger currents. There is also high traffic in the river near the Alimacani Boat Ramp, especially on weekends.

Points of Interest:

This area provides the paddler seeking relaxation with the option of exploring the secluded, southern section of the Fort George Inlet where there are few currents. More adventurous paddlers can paddle out to ride waves where the inlet meets the Atlantic Ocean, or test themselves in the challenging currents of the northern part of the inlet. Huguenot Park itself is an important breeding ground for shorebirds and terns, and is an excellent spot to bird watch. Huguenot has a wide expanse of pristine white beach, perfect for relaxing and picnicking.