Route description:

Launch at Jim King Boat Ramp on Sisters Creek. Head northwest through the inlets towards Hannah Mills Creek. Then return southwest to Jim King Park and Boat Ramp. Take a GPS unit to keep you oriented. This trail takes the average paddler about 2.5 to 3 hours to complete, round trip.

GPS Coordinates/Address:

Jim King Boat Ramp at Sister Creek
8300 Heckscher Drive, Jacksonville, Florida 32226
30º 23´ 41´´ -81º 27´ 36´´

Turn-around point:
No specific destination


This route is impassable at low tide. Only paddle this area during high tide.  Take a GPS unit to keep you oriented in the twists and turns of Hannah Mills Creek. Sisters Creek has heavy boat traffic, especially on the weekends.

Points of Interest:

Jim King Park has a newly constructed ramp just for paddlers on the north side of the Park on the tidal creek. Fishing is excellent in this area, which is dotted with numerous small islands and marshland.